12 August 2010

Cicadas, Part II

In my last Cicada post I mentioned that Cicadas lay their eggs in the slits of tender new growth on trees. There was one obvious branch on my Mesquite tree that had the tell-tail signs of this.

I decided to clip it off and take a closer look.
Cicada Egg Evidence on Mesquite Twig

As can be seen in the photo (click on the photo for a larger view), the eggs were laid in a slightly offset pattern along the length of the twig. 

I was surprised to find more Cicada egg-laying evidence in my Shoestring Acacia tree:

Cicada Egg Evidence on Acacia Twig
The Acacia branch was a little fresher and more clearly shows the slit that the cicada creates when depositing eggs.

For what its worth, there are still a few Cicadas buzzing around the neighborhood, but the quantity (and seemingly the volume) is rapidly trailing off.

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