15 January 2008

Aquila Ocotillo, Chandler, AZ Tuesday Jan 15

A quick lunchtime stop at the Aquila Ocotillo office park/golf course ponds in Chandler resulted in a lot of interesting bird sitings. Brown Pelican was perhaps the highlight, given that they typically dive-feed, and these ponds are relatively shallow.

In addition to those photographed below were Great Egret, Snowy Egret, Belted Kingfisher, Ruddy Duck, American Coot, Canada Geese, and a handful of other common species.

American White Pelican

American White Pelican

Great Blue Heron In a tree-top.

Brown Pelican, American White Pelican, and 2 Double Crested Cormorants

Double-Crested Cormorant

Greater Yellowlegs

American Wigeon There were two large flocks.

American Wigeon

11 January 2008

Kiwanis Park, Tempe, AZ - Friday Jan 11

Over lunch on Friday I stopped by Kiwanis Park in Tempe. The park has a man-made lake that sometimes attracts interesting ducks. There wasn't anything atypical seen on Friday, but here are the highlights.

American Wigeon

Painted Turtle

American Coot

Female Mallard? - It has some sort of growth on its head.

Ring-necked Duck

Ring-necked Duck - Interesting pose.

08 January 2008

Say's Phoebe

We have a Say's Phoebe that frequently visits the neighborhood. Today, it perched on a stake about 10 feet outside our living room window. I tried to get a clearer shot outside, but by the time I got in position it flew away.

06 January 2008

Backyard Wildlife - 2007 in Review

We didn't get out this weekend, so I thought I'd make a quick compilation of some backyard wildlife we've seen.

Lesser Goldfinch We get flocks of 6-12 daily on the finch feeder.

Hooded Oriole We had an out of season Hooded Oriole for about 10 days in early December. It never cooperated for good photos, though.

Red Jumping Spider Seen in early October, this spider was only about 1 cm long.

Annas Hummingbird This is one of my favorite backyard hummingbird pictures.

Gulf Fritillary These butterflies were common in summer and fall this year.

Western Pygmy Blue This one was tiny...that is a blade of grass it's on.

Zebra Finch This escaped Zebra Finch showed up in late August.

Preying Mantis We had many preying mantis last summer

Sonoran Desert Toad These guys burrow underground and come out for about two months when the summer rains hit. They are the size of a bullfrog, and are toxic. This one showed up at our front doorstep around dusk one evening in late July.

Lightning and Dust Storm OK, it's not wildlife, but interesting none-the-less. These were from some late July monsoons.

Bee Swarm A huge swarm invaded our Mesquite for about a week in late April.

House Wren Only once have I seen any wren in our yard.

Burrowing Owl The only time we've seen one in our yard was in January.

01 January 2008

Burrowing Owl

I was out looking for good stock photography subjects the other day, and came across this Burrowing Owl in a new housing development. Melanie and I also encountered one on Christmas Eve while out looking at Christmas lights. While in Maricopa, I think I've seen these about a dozen times without really looking for them.